Jason Sorge


Headshot of JC Resorts Regional Sommelier and Cellar Master Joe Baumgarnder

Jason Sorge comes from a family of artists—there’s a woodturner, a baker, and a painter. He inherited his passion for flavor combinations from his mom who is a wiz at pairing ingredients.

Even during his career in leadership development, he wanted to unleash that creativity in the liquid realm. After dabbling at parties and doing an internship at Ken Wright Cellars, he sought to learn bartending from his friend Hector Bury who had 30 years of bar and restaurant experience. Sorge has never looked back. When Sorge was the lead bartender of Scott Conant’s Scarpetta at Montage Beverly Hills, he worked with the renowned mixologist Rob Floyd. Floyd said bartenders are liquid chefs; Sorge has never forgotten this.

Sorge lives in a world of ideas and possibilities. He’s collected data from his surroundings, travels, childhood and experiences. With these influences, he is constantly noodling on innovative ways to introduce flavors and concepts. He is constantly tinkering on ways to do it all better.

Sorge says it this way “We are all standing on other people’s shoulders. There are the classics and then we improvise on flavors and ingredients to establish something similar or altogether different. I have a keen sense of how flavor profiles work, how they fit together like instruments in a band. A cocktail riff is a lot like a cover of a song—when you hear a good cover, you think, ‘Wow. That was super interesting. I really dig how that was created.’ I hope people have a similar experience when they taste one of my cocktails.”

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