Examiner.com: Celebrate National S’more Day

Celebrate National S’more Day, restaurant style
By Amanda Roberts-Jones

August 6 2012 | Examiner.com

Light your campfire and stock up on marshmallows and graham crackers: August 10 is National S’more Day!

Can’t make it to the mountains for some end-of-summer camping to celebrate the holiday? Restaurants throughout the US–many located in San Diego–are paying homage to this tasty treat and its holiday… and these can all be enjoyed sans campfire hair smell.

Surf and Sand Resort (Laguna Beach, CA) and Rancho Bernardo Inn (San Diego, CA)
Surf & Sand Resort and the Rancho Bernardo Inn both offer the most darling room service to kids called ‘Smore & Snore': a complimentary room service offering that includes a warm, freshly made Smore from the hotel’s Pastry Chef, a kids drink, and an in-room pop-up tent for kids to play in or sleep in for the night. The cleaning staff even