AVANT at the Rancho Bernardo Inn (FKA El Bizcocho) Reservations

San Diego Magazine – Top 10 San Diego Restaurants of 2013

Top 10 San Diego Restaurants of 2013
By Troy Johnson

January 2014

You can do a lot with $2.5 Million, including mess things up real bad. Luckily, the wholesale reinvention of the once-famous El Bizcocho is a success. El Biz was like that well-appointed room in the house no one ever sat in, hermetically sealed off from the beautiful grounds of Rancho Bernardo Inn. Reborn as Avant, it has no less than five distinct experiences—including a covered patio (with fireplace), a living room (also with fireplace), a lively bar (with housemade mustards on tap), a formal dining room and a private dining room with performance kitchen built-in. It’s alive.