Love S’Mores?

Love S’Mores? Get Your Fix at These Stylish Eateries!
By Maria Desiderata Montana

August 2 2012 |

Sticky and gooey, S’mores are nothing short of delicious. Let National S’more Day, August 10th be the day to indulge in this warm and melted treat. Enjoy these unique twists on the classic treat.

Surf and Sand Resort (Laguna Beach, CA) and Rancho Bernardo Inn (San Diego, CA): Surf & Sand Resort and the Rancho Bernardo Inn both offer the most darling room service to kids called ‘Smore & Snore’ (picture attached). It’s a complimentary room service offering that includes a warm, freshly made Smore from the hotel’s Pastry Chef, kids drink and an in-room pop-up tent for kids to play in or sleep in for the night. The cleaning staff even clears it out of the room the next morning and kids can re-order their “room service” each night if they’d like.