U-T San Diego: The Year In Review

The Year In Review
By Keli Dailey

October 25 2012 | U-T San Diego

An early report card on 2012’s newest, biggest deals in the restaurant world

Fine-dining mainstays disappeared (El Bizcocho, Cavaillon, foie gras).

Promising young chefs hopped kitchens (Anthony Sinsay bolted from Harney Sushi to Burlap; Chad White was pushed from Gabardine to Counterpoint). Some chefs jumped planes to San Francisco and New York (let’s never speak their names again).

This year’s food landscape looks different. Still, there’s never been a better time to cook or eat in San Diego. Just look at these 2012 food debuts:

Avant, short for “avant-garde”, will be the smaller-plates California replacement to Rancho Bernardo Inn’s storied El Bizcocho, arriving early 2013.