Sergio Jimenez

AVANT Chef de Cuisine

Headshot of Chef De Cuisine Chris Gentile

With over a decade of experience in kitchens throughout San Diego, AVANT Chef de Cuisine Sergio Jimenez was instilled with a passion for cooking at a very young age. A humble introduction to the culinary world, Chef Sergio discovered his love for food while cooking alongside his Aunt with nothing more than a small flat top, cutting board, and knife.  

At the age of sixteen, Chef Sergio enrolled in the San Diego Culinary Institute where he learned valuable lessons and was introduced to new flavors and cuisines. From there, he joined the apprenticeship program at Bertrand at Mister A’s where he learned discipline, respect for the craft, and mise en place.

In 2014, Chef Sergio joined the team at AVANT under the mentorship of former Chef de Cuisines, Tomas Baistrocchi and Matt Sramek. Prior to his current role as Chef de Cuisine, Chef Sergio held numerous positions at AVANT, starting as a sauté cook and working his way to Chef de Partie and Sous Chef. 

Chef Sergio is dedicated to bringing a refined and elegant dining experience to AVANT and elevating the process of enjoying a meal. With Chef Sergio at the helm, AVANT will become a place not only revered for its food, but a relaxed and fun environment for guests to create memories for years to come. 


Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence