We’re searching for Social Media INNfluencers!

Rancho Bernardo Inn is looking for big players in social media to become online advocates of the Inn! If you’re an active social media user with an established interest in one of our hospitality categories, you could win a weekend getaway to the resort. You'll be able to experience our signature dining and leisure outlets that you can share about to your heart’s content!

To be selected as one of our INNfluencers, you’ll need to share what makes you a social media powerhouse. Being active on any online social channel, including blogs, makes you eligible. You’ll also need to select what interests you enjoy sharing about that the Inn offers. These include Golf, Spa & Wellness, Dining, Family Travel, Couples Travel, Girlfriends Getaways, Group Events, Wedding Planning, Luxury, Craft Beer, Wine and Hiking.

We’ll select INNfluencers to enjoy weekend getaways at Rancho Bernardo Inn during 2018. Most will receive stays for two, but there will be some exceptions. For example, a Family Travel INNfluencer would receive accommodations for kids as well. In return, we’ll ask that you share about your getaway with us on social media (this will vary depending on your entry form answers).

Other Influential Topics: