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Jen G.
December 05, 2017
Overall 3.5 stars. A quaint little inn in the suburbs of Rancho Bernardo, I stayed here for a work conference. It's very pretty here. I liked our guest...
Lori J.
December 01, 2017
Stopped here for lunch on my birthday & was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and relaxing it was. Our server was very kind & brought out a heater to make...
4.5 605 reviews
George Modlin
December 12, 2017
Beautiful place!
Mandeep Bath
December 11, 2017
Beautiful place
Khalid S
December 11, 2017
Good staff
Freddy Carreras
December 10, 2017
Bellos paisajes, campo de golf y un lugar muy tranquilo.
Dean Sofer
May 13, 2016
Had the Wednesday all you can eat prime rib which was excellent. Love their patio fire pit too.
Robert Baker
December 09, 2017
Great course food is okay pace of play is something to be desired over 5 hours on the weekend and the beverage cart girl rarely shows up.
Peter Hsieh
December 09, 2017
I came here for a conference and was absolutely blown away by this resort. The ground was beautiful and the tasteful decoration added to the luxury atmosphere. The ginger bread house (during the holiday season) was stunning and smelled so good. The staffs were friendly and professional. I feel like a VIP here.
anca seger
December 07, 2017
Lovely grounds, excellent service, perfect for events. I am not a golfer and cannot speak about that but a long weekend retreat would be woderful here. I stayed in the Fountains building, quiet, even though somewhat dated interior. I ate at the Veranda and food was excellent. Especially the scallops. Loved the open fire on the terrace aND the fireplaces in the hallways.
Mary Stovall
December 07, 2017
Great place for a conference, spa day or nice evening meal.
Mike Gorman
December 05, 2017
Very nice rooms, free WiFi. Very good service.
Kayla H
December 04, 2017
Really enjoyed ourselves!
Mark Nagy
December 04, 2017
Excellent hotel with excellent staff
Mike Shannon
December 04, 2017
Great services and the best time ever
Spencer Brett
December 03, 2017
The rooms are spacious. The accommodations are high end. The restaurants provide delicious food with excellent service.
David T Wilson
December 03, 2017
3rd visit. Will do it again.
Mizz. P
December 03, 2017
Great place!!
Jeff De Mas
December 02, 2017
Very nice.
Vickie Tillman
November 29, 2017
Corey Meyers
November 28, 2017
This place is really great to go to around Christmas time. They really decorate the place, and there is hot chocolate and Apple cider everywhere. On top of that, there are Christmas carolers in the lobby and they have a place to decorate giant gingerbread cookies.
Steve McKesson
November 27, 2017
Great san Diego resort
Steve Butcher
November 27, 2017
Great food and excellent views.
Carlos Parra
November 26, 2017
I love rancho bernardo. First time staying there and i loved it. Usually, i am restless at hotels, but at rancho bernardo, i felt at ease. I slept throughout the night at peace thank God. Rancho bernardo feels more like a home. Definitely staying there again.
Christine Isbell
November 25, 2017
Was at the spa and pool. It was such a great day and relaxing.
Melinda Kersey
November 24, 2017
Great location and outdoor patio
John Peterson
November 23, 2017
Had drinks in the downstairs bar service is always great..
Matthew Standish
November 21, 2017
What an amazing experience. Two weeks and we were treated like a King and a Queen. Amazing people, amazing weather, amazing pools and a room good for playing reindeer games.